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Mindful, environmentally sensitive design,
applying sustainable materials, making
choices among products and technologies for
Comfort, Health and Satisfaction
We are part of an evolving global culture, armed
with the insight of
principle, experience and
Our guiding principles for business
must include benefit to the environment in which
we live - as responsibility to future generations.
In our quest for profit we have responsibility to
all life - to apply what we have wisely. How shall
we learn to do this?

Nature is our teacher. We can study Nature as
good students, bringing
an open mind, sifting for  
patterns, breaking with assumptions, setting
aside convenience. If we attend to this, what we
design may conform to the principles revealed
through that study of nature. If we are to survive,
we must. What is the evidence?

Rigid, presumptuous design and utilitzation of
resources yields such abiding memorials as the
Plastic Gyre in the South Pacific (twice the size of
Texas), a Desolation of waste in the
Appalachians, ruined ground water resources due
to Fracking, dwindling ground water resources
for the sake of  for sale and profit leaving citizens
with inadequate aquafers, Gene Modification for
efficiency and economy to the producers
introducing new vectors leading to cancer
, and
leading to the cancerous legalities that prevent
small gardens and farms from thriving

Flexibility, sustainability, responsibility to
changing climate and resources are essential. We
must also be quick to see where our practices are
laying waste to the earth for the sake of
agriculture, wildlife, and human communion. We
really need to do no harm, if only for our children
and our children's children.