Original,  remarkable,
elegant: The Painted Lady,
in sight of the Sea.
The elements found their
way in: water and weather
had their way with paint
& wood...
Together, we could see what
lay waiting. We planned,
estimated, & began.
And now she's Restored;
careful attention paid  to
every flashing, lock & timber.
A treasure again.
  We have 30 years of experience in the work of restoration,  
single~wall redwood bungalows,
Victorians in the Sierra Foothills,  
Post Moderns in the Hollywood Hills,
Queen Anne Victorian.
For each project, we study the intention, the style, the particular
needs of the building.   We pay particular attention to the
oversights that inevitably led to deterioration and decay. Then we
design the fittings, assemble the proper  artisans and suppliers
needed to bring the project to fruition. We balance all this with
Do only what is needed, spend only what you must.

 Call us for a consultation on your project.